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How to Create a Strong Employee Recognition Program

April 18th, 2017

Are you giving your workers enough employee recognition? The startling lack of employee engagement in today’s business world not only puts a damper on overall productivity in the workplace, but it also can create hostility and stress for both employers and their team members. What most people don’t see is that the simple, cost-effective solution for increasing employee engagement is to show your workers you appreciate them.

Encourage employee engagement by recognizing your team members!

However, this doesn’t mean that buying boxes of donuts, offering more paid time off (PTO) and giving out monetary bonuses will solve all of your problems. According to the Towers Watson Global Recognition Study, “In order for recognition to be effective, managers must clearly define performance expectations and, with equal clarity, convey to employees what shape the rewards for performance will take.” What does an employee recognition program look like? Here are three steps to take when creating one.

3 Steps to Developing an Employee Recognition Program

  1. Determine the Program’s Goals: Before starting your employee recognition program, decide what your goals are. There are many different reasons for creating a formal program to reward your team, with both short- and long-term outcomes. Here are some examples:
  • Excite your workers about a new company-wide program or initiative
  • Increase employee retention and worker commitment
  • Raise team morale
  • Encourage innovation, foster teamwork and spark creative thinking
  • Increase employee engagement
  1. Be Consistent with Rewards: A successful employee recognition program is consistent with its rewards. Using the program to regularly incentivize team members is important because it allows employees to aim for a constant goal.
  2. Measure Results: Not every employee recognition program is right for your workplace; while the plan is still new, you can hold check-inswith your employees to see how they feel about the new system and get their feedback.

If your workers seem confused, it may be because your company hasn’t taken the time to understand the difference between employee recognition and rewards. Here are some great ways to show your team members you appreciate them.

4 Items that Deserve Employee Recognition

  1. Years of service.Do this through a public announcement or party to appreciate an employee’s continued company loyalty. Don’t just make note of the big milestones; every year they are with you matters.
  2. Accomplishments. Even if it’s a personal accomplishment or small victory, take the time to praise a job well done.
  3. High performance.If you have team members who regularly meet their goals and produce high-quality work, take notice. Often employees who need extra hand-holding get the attention, which can make a star employee feel left out.
  4. Talent and ability. To further develop your team, give an employee a challenging task that develops skills to push them forward.

Often a job well done deserves a reward! Here are some examples of workplace rewards that can be built into an employee recognition program:

  • Gift Cards: Personalize it to your employees’ interests, like a favorite restaurant or store.
  • Vacation Days/PTO:An extra day off can greatly improve morale.
  • A Public Announcement:Create a brag board where people can publicly see who’s being recognized.
  • Special Perks:Breakfast delivered to the employee’s desk, a priority parking space or a trophy to show off for a month can prolong employee recognition.

Based on surveys from around the globe, many workers feel that if recognition and rewards were more prevalent in the office, they would feel more motivated. Try out these employee recognition tactics and let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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