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How to Fix Barriers of Effective Workplace Communication

August 15th, 2017

Is communication the best it can be in your workplace? The way information is dispersed throughout your office can make a big impact on the morale, employee engagement and the wellness of your team members. Avoiding these common communication issues is a good way to keep the tone in your office positive and productive while ensuring your team members remain happy and committed to their jobs.

Is communication the best it can be in your workplace?

How to Fix Communication Barriers: 4 Tips

  1. Discourage Destructive Office Gossip

Does your office have an anti-gossip policy? Maybe it should. Office gossip is one of the most destructive workplace forces, and has the power to de-motivate your whole team. To avoid it, managers should refrain from participating and spreading gossip about those in the office, and encourage others to do the same. Not only is this in poor taste; it can lead to serious repercussions if you spread untrue statements about an employee. It’s best to stay out of the cliques and let workplace gossip sizzle out on its own.

  1. Ask Your Team for Constructive Feedback

How will you know if there’s room to improve if you don’t ask your team for their feedback? Inquire if there is anything your workers need help with or would like to see around the office, and they are more likely to be motivated and stay engaged. Another way to achieve this is to hold annual employee engagement surveys to get anonymous, honest feedback.

  1. Stay Unemotional

One of the ways managers make communication mistakes is when confronting a team member for disciplinary reasons. In times like these, it may be hard to remove your emotions from the situation, especially if the employee has been interfering with others. Remembering to approach the worker calmly can help you set the tone for the meeting and keep the feedback positive.

  1. Don’t “Beat around the Bush”

Failing to be direct with assignments is a common error in communication many managers make. Do your emails lack focus or a call to action? Are you holding meetings that fail to reach a conclusion or sending unnecessary memos? All of these things can impact your team’s morale.

When it comes to a well-run workplace, communication is key. Use the above advice to engage your team members and keep them in the loop.

In the meantime, if you’re seeking quality talent, here is a list of the employment opportunities we have available for the month of August.

We’re Hiring! JPS’ Open Job Openings in August

We’re urgently seeking to hire for the following positions: Assembly, Mechanical Assembly, Quality Control Operator, Bindery Operator, Printer Operator and Packing/Shipping Operator. Here’s some information about the open listings:

1. Assembly

This cabling is based off multiple different diagrams that will need to be meticulously followed, so any candidates would need to possess the skill sets to handle these tasks. Candidates with an IT background is a plus.

Pay Rate: $11 per hour

Location: Stewart Ave., Fremont

2. Mechanical Assembly

Basic mechanical assembly, no heavy lifting; bilingual in Vietnamese preferred.

Pay Rate: $11 per hour

Location:  Las Plumas in San Jose

3. Quality Control Operator/Assembler

Applicants must be:

  • Computer literate, with close attention to detail
  • Able to follow simple commands and instruction for quality control
  • Able to stand for extended period of time, lift at least 5 pounds
  • Fast and accurate – must QC at least 200 orders in an 8 hour work period
  • Able to work independently after being trained/ learning proper instructions regarding Quality Control procedures
  • Able to multi-task
  • Able to report to work on time, including weekends if necessary

Pay Rate:  $10.30 per hour

Location:  North King Road in San Jose

4. Bindery Operator and Packing/Shipping Operators

Requirements include:

  • Careful attention to detail, accuracy, patience, neatness and organization skills
  • Computer literate
  • Knowledge of operating, cleaning, and maintaining various bindery machineries
  • Able to multi-task, with tight deadlines
  • Able to report to work on time, including weekends if necessary

In addition, we’re hiring for the following positions:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Registered Nurse
  • Licensed Vocational Nurse with IV Certification
  • Medical Assistant
  • Surgical Technician
  • Unit Clerk
  • Member Services Representative
  • Material Handler, Warehouse
  • Mechanical Assembler
  • Project Accountant
  • Project Engineer
  • Admin Assistant
  • Account Clerk
  • Customer Service Representative, bilingual in Spanish
  • Customer Service Representative, with SAP experience
  • QA Supervisor, bilingual in Spanish/Portuguese
  • Auto CAD, with electrical background

Want to Apply?

Do any of these job openings sound like a good fit for your skills? Complete our online application, include your resume, and contact us with any questions or concerns.


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