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Top Benefits of An Open-Door Office: What You Need to Know

February 20th, 2018

Is an open-door policy right for your business?

One of the most popular buzz-words for businesses is to have an open-door policy. This means that employees of all levels can speak to their supervisor. It’s believed to be a way to keep communication open and flowing, build relationships and keep employees in-the-know about company information.

While this seems like it should be a great idea, is it right for you as a supervisor? Keep reading for a few reasons that an open-door policy is beneficial for corporations compiled by Forbes.

4 Reasons an Open-Door Policy Will Benefit Businesses

  1. Access

If a business has an open-door policy, managers are more likely to have a better understanding of the day-to-day issues and goings on of their company. The open-door policy will encourage employees to directly address issues to their manager and receive high-level advice.

  1. Open Communication

Along with being able to offer expert advice to employees, an open-door policy can help lead to discussions and solutions to issues in the office and in different departments. A closed-door may lead to exclusion and being kept out of the loop.

  1. Direct Access to Information

When it comes to brainstorms, creative ideas or solutions, it’s important to get what you need as quickly as you can. With an open-door policy in place, employees will feel comfortable coming to the manager’s office to provide solutions or information directly, instead of needing to go through many different channels.

  1. Build Relationships

If a supervisor has their door open, employees are more likely to stop by, right? Yes. This office structure promotes a culture of friendliness and accessibility that fosters trust, as opposed to a more formal office place.

Should your business adopt an open-door policy? If so, it will likely open communication, provide quicker access to information and build relationships between upper level management and employees.

Check back next month for even more tips for an effective office place.

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