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How to Reward Exceptional Employees

June 14th, 2018

How do you reward your employees?

When it comes to employee appreciation, it’s important to reward them. Your budget may not allow for bonus checks or lavish gifts, however it is still important to acknowledge hard work and dedication.

What are simple ways to reward employees? Keep reading to find out.

How to Reward Employees

  1. Give Specific Compliments

The Muse recommends offering specific compliments over generic ones. For example:

Good: “Thanks for your hard work, Cathy!”

Better: “Thanks for putting in so much hard work to win over that new client, Cathy!”

Best: “Cathy, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your hard work to land the new Smith account. We’ve been after that account for several months, so you really stepped up to close an important deal. This is a huge win for you, our team, and the entire company.”

This will let your employee know you see they are working hard and are paying attention to them and their efforts.

  1. Provide Opportunities

If you see your employees doing great work, give them opportunities to grow. Reward them with important tasks that will make a difference to the company or even something like tickets to an industry conference, so they can expand their network and continue to increase their skills.

  1. A Free Meal

Offering a free breakfast or lunch to employees is an often-appreciated reward. Whether you take your team out or have it catered, make sure your employees know it’s on you and they are being rewarded for their work.

  1. Get Their Feedback

If you have an employee who you trust and always produces quality work, ask them how they think the office or company is going. The reward comes in them seeing their boss respects and values their thoughts and opinions.

  1. A Simple Thank You

Sometimes, a simple thank you can be a reward in itself. Employees can often feel their work is overlooked or unimportant; taking the time to individually thank employees can mean a lot.

You don’t need a huge, expensive budget to reward and appreciate employees. Taking the time to acknowledge and listen to your staff is important to a happy office.

June Job Openings

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Contract Specialist

Customer Service Representative with SAP knowledge

Graphic Designer

Field Office Engineer

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OCS Field Engineer

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Project Business Manager

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