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How to Ace Your Next Interview and Open Job Listings

October 24th, 2017

Are you on the job hunt? Whether you’re looking to land your first position or make your next big career move, the interview is a crucial step in the process. Once you’re ready to meet with the hiring manager, it’s time to nail the job interview and wow them with your experience. During this time, these are three great questions to ask.

Ace Your Interview: 3 Questions to Ask

  1. How would you describe your company’s culture?

Beyond the job’s essential duties, company culture can make a big difference in whether or not you’ll enjoy your job. Filling a job opening requires finding a candidate who will be not only a good fit for the company, but thinks the company is a good fit for them. Employment is a two-way street, so be sure to know as much about the company’s culture, values, day-to-day activities and work environment as you can; the HR rep is a great person to ask. If possible, try and speak with a current employee or two in the hallways or break room as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Resume Writing: 3 Tips

June 7th, 2016

To present yourself in your best possible light during the job search, the first step is to have an eye-catching, memorable and impressive resume. Your first impression with the hiring manager, a resume serves as a brief introduction into your skills, qualifications, career trajectory and potential as a new hire. Read on for three tips for catching their attention and writing a killer resume.


3 Tips for Writing an Eye-Catching Resume

  1. Be Honest

It’s crucial to never lie on your resume to preserve your professional integrity. “Little white lies” about your reasons for leaving a previous job, fudging your salary details or inventing positions you never held are all surefire ways to get blacklisted during the job hunt and if you manage to get the job, fired once you are found out. Always be honest about your past and avoid embellishing the truth, even if you don’t think you’ll get caught. Read the rest of this entry »

Career Building Websites: 5 of the Best

May 3rd, 2016

If you’re on the hunt for career building resources, it’s important to know which websites offer the best information for helping you land your next dream job. Whether you’re seeking a job board, an industry leader’s blog or personal development tips, read on for five of the best career building websites.


5 Best Career Building Websites

  1. A Better Interview

The interview process can make or break your chances at landing a potential new position. Come to the meeting prepared by brushing up on your interview skills at A Better Interview. In addition to a blog filled with topics ranging from how to increase your LinkedIn visibility to flattering the hiring manager, A Better Interview can help you rate your skills and provide valuable feedback.  Read the rest of this entry »

[Job Search] 3 Best Ways to Grab an Employer’s Attention

February 2nd, 2016

There’s much competition for employment and only a few chances to make an impression on a hiring manager during the job search. Crafting an excellent professional resume and cover letter is just one way you can catch an employer’s attention when job seeking, but there are many other things you can do to get your name to the top of the list. Here are three ideas to show a potential employer you are perfect for the job.


3 Best Ways to Grab an Employer’s Attention

  1. Exude Confidence

Employers aren’t likely to notice job applicants who are unsure of themselves and their qualifications; they are seeking candidates who put themselves out there and portray a confident image as a future employee. Showing this starts with your resume and cover letter; use strong language like, “I look forward to speaking with you soon,” rather than “I hope to hear from you.” Read the rest of this entry »

3 Fastest Growing Industries in 2016

January 12th, 2016

If you’re on the job hunt or considering a career change, it’s important to weigh your options and pay attention to the fastest growing industries where jobs may be abundant. While some fields are experiencing stagnation, there are several industries where opportunities and options for growth are allowing many new workers to blossom. Read on for the three fastest growing industries in 2016.


3 Fastest Growing Industries in 2016

  1. Alternative Energy

Concerns about environmental health and the increasing demand for fuel has created the booming field of green, or alternative energy. Solar and wind power top the list of desired technologies currently seeking job applicants. The alternative energy industry is diverse and different sectors are expected to grow at varying rates, but this field could grow by up to 26 percent in the next five years. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Tips for Making a Career Change in 2016

January 5th, 2016

If you feel like you’re on a stale job path, it may be time to consider a career change. Instead of getting bogged down with thoughts of only being able to work in a single industry for life, make the switch in 2016 and try something new. Here are three tips for making a career change in the New Year.


3 Tips for Making a Career Change in 2016

  1. Map Your Potential

Look at all of the jobs you have held in the past and identify which industries and career paths align well with your experience. If you’re skilled in project management, you can work in a variety of fields; think about how you can apply your skills to the IT industry or even healthcare. Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing a Career in 2015: 5 Questions to Ask

January 20th, 2015

2015 is a great time to make a career switch in a variety of growing industries. Whether you’re choosing your first career or entering a new field, there are many ways to tell if you’re in the best job to suit your skills. When deciding what career to choose, it’s important to determine what values are important to you. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before choosing a career in 2015.

Photo Courtesy of: Flazingo Photos

Photo Courtesy of: Flazingo Photos

What Career to Choose? 5 Questions to Ask

  1. Are you a people-person?

Do you like interacting socially while at work? Are you prepared to be in the public spotlight? Some careers require more interpersonal skills and public speaking than others, so before deciding what career to choose, make sure you know what level of hands-on communication you’re looking for in your job. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Things to Do After Getting Fired

December 30th, 2014

3 Things to Do After Getting Fired

In our last post, we talked about signs you may be getting fired. If you’ve just had the conversation with your manager and have lost your job, you may feel deflated and out of hope. Don’t let it get you down! You can use this time as an opportunity to sharpen your skills and advance your career. Here are 3 things to do to help you pick up the pieces after getting fired.


Photo Courtesy of: Sean MacEntee

3 Things to Do After Getting Fired

  1. Handle Yourself With Grace

Don’t send out a blast on Twitter about your outrage over getting fired. It may be tempting to say negative things about your managers or spill your guts about questionable activities in your old workplace, but remember that your online presence sticks forever. You don’t want future employers seeing your negativity and brand you as a tattletale. Remain calm and neutral about your termination – publicly at least. Read the rest of this entry »

Signs You Are About to be Fired: 4 Questions to Ask

December 23rd, 2014

Workers rarely see termination coming and are usually surprised when they find out they are getting fired. Are you worried recent staffing changes have placed you next on the chopping block? Here are 4 questions to ask yourself. If you can answer yes to these questions, you may be in danger of getting fired. Preparing yourself properly can help you open communication with your superiors and possibly save your job.

Closeup of human hands pointing towards business man

Photo Courtesy of: Simone Lovati

Are You Getting Fired? 4 Questions to Ask


  1. Are people avoiding you?

Your boss is only human. Firing an employee is an awkward and uncomfortable experience for everyone involved. Likely, your managers don’t have anything personal against you and hate to hurt your feelings. If your superiors begin to avoid you at work, it could be a sign you need to start job hunting. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Types of Employment

December 9th, 2014

There are many different options for workers when considering what types of employment arrangements to pursue throughout their career. The relationship between an employee and an employer is solidified with an employment contract. But what types of employment arrangements are available to you, and which works best to suit your lifestyle? Here are 4 different employment types, and benefits of choosing each option.

Photo Courtesy of: Dan Moyle

Photo Courtesy of: Dan Moyle

4 Types of Employment

  1. Independent Contractor

An independent contractor is a worker whose trade is conducted independently and offered to the public. Examples are dentists, doctors, accountants and contractors. Independent contractors are considered self employed for tax purposes. If you have an employer-employee relationship (for example a dental assistant), then you are an employee, not an independent contractor. Read the rest of this entry »