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3 Things to Do After Getting Fired

December 30th, 2014

3 Things to Do After Getting Fired

In our last post, we talked about signs you may be getting fired. If you’ve just had the conversation with your manager and have lost your job, you may feel deflated and out of hope. Don’t let it get you down! You can use this time as an opportunity to sharpen your skills and advance your career. Here are 3 things to do to help you pick up the pieces after getting fired.


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3 Things to Do After Getting Fired

  1. Handle Yourself With Grace

Don’t send out a blast on Twitter about your outrage over getting fired. It may be tempting to say negative things about your managers or spill your guts about questionable activities in your old workplace, but remember that your online presence sticks forever. You don’t want future employers seeing your negativity and brand you as a tattletale. Remain calm and neutral about your termination – publicly at least. Read the rest of this entry »

Signs You Are About to be Fired: 4 Questions to Ask

December 23rd, 2014

Workers rarely see termination coming and are usually surprised when they find out they are getting fired. Are you worried recent staffing changes have placed you next on the chopping block? Here are 4 questions to ask yourself. If you can answer yes to these questions, you may be in danger of getting fired. Preparing yourself properly can help you open communication with your superiors and possibly save your job.

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Are You Getting Fired? 4 Questions to Ask


  1. Are people avoiding you?

Your boss is only human. Firing an employee is an awkward and uncomfortable experience for everyone involved. Likely, your managers don’t have anything personal against you and hate to hurt your feelings. If your superiors begin to avoid you at work, it could be a sign you need to start job hunting. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Types of Employment

December 9th, 2014

There are many different options for workers when considering what types of employment arrangements to pursue throughout their career. The relationship between an employee and an employer is solidified with an employment contract. But what types of employment arrangements are available to you, and which works best to suit your lifestyle? Here are 4 different employment types, and benefits of choosing each option.

Photo Courtesy of: Dan Moyle

Photo Courtesy of: Dan Moyle

4 Types of Employment

  1. Independent Contractor

An independent contractor is a worker whose trade is conducted independently and offered to the public. Examples are dentists, doctors, accountants and contractors. Independent contractors are considered self employed for tax purposes. If you have an employer-employee relationship (for example a dental assistant), then you are an employee, not an independent contractor. Read the rest of this entry »

A Guide to Negotiating Salary

December 2nd, 2014

Did you just get a promotion at work? Maybe you’re getting hired for your first job? It’s time for negotiations to begin. Negotiating salary can be tough and nerve-wracking, but when done properly it can make a big difference towards getting what you want in your career and your life outside of work. When you’re sitting in the meeting about to negotiate your salary, here are 3 things to keep in mind.

Photo Courtesy of: David Wall

Photo Courtesy of: David Wall

Negotiating Salary: 3 Things to Consider

  1. Know What You’re Worth

Before you have the salary talk with your boss or hiring manager, make sure you do your research about comparable jobs in your field to get a sense of what you’re worth. You should know the high end and low end of this scale. Be prepared to let the decision maker know where you got your information if they ask where your figures came from. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Get a Promotion at Work

October 14th, 2014

Do you feel like you deserve a promotion or a pay raise? Do you know where to start when looking for how to get a promotion at work? Unfortunately, working hard and completing projects at work does not always guarantee you a promotion in the future. There are many other things you can do to ensure your work gets noticed by your superiors and help get you to the next step in your career. Little things that arise in an office working environment, such as your attitude and the way you get along with others, can have surprising consequences on your ability to move ahead in your field. Here are some tips to help you gain the confidence and learn how to ask for a promotion at work.


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Do you know how to get a job promotion? Many people think their chances of getting a promotion at work are increased if you’re a shameless self-promoter. This can actually be detrimental, causing you to look too eager. It is more important to adjust your attitude and actions so that they can speak for you.

Develop a Positive Attitude

Being a cheerful person in the workplace will get you farther when thinking about how to ask for a promotion than if you were to keep your head down and do your work quietly. If you are someone who brings energy and light into a room, your bosses will want to keep you around! When seeking a promotion at work, it is also important to display the same values that your company believes in, since this is going to show your superiors that you are in it for the long haul.

Have a Plan for Your Future

When looking for candidates to promote, people are attracted and drawn to those who are confident in themselves and their abilities. Do you know what skills you want to work on relative to your field? Are you keeping up with current trends in the industry? Tell others about it! By having a concrete, measurable plan for your future career, others will perceive you as more knowledgeable and capable which is the best way to come seem when figuring out how to get a job promotion. You will be the first person in mind for a promotion when the job opens up.

You overall attitude and positivity is the best way to get yourself noticed learn how to get a promotion at work. Try to be a team player and help others as often as possible and you are sure to get ahead. Are you interested in advancing your career? Contact Josephine’s Professional Staffing today!


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I Quit! 5 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job

June 10th, 2014

When it comes to quitting a job, too many people make excuses to stay instead of simply walking out the door. While it is true that everyone does have bills to pay, the phrases “I hate my job,” “I wish I could quit,” and “My boss is the worst,” are good indicators that it’s time to say goodbye. According to a report by Statistics Canada, six in ten highly stressed workers identified work as their main source of stress. It’s simply not worth it.

Still unsure? Here are some telltale signs it’s time to quit your job and move on. quit your job

5 Signs It’s Time to Quit 

1. There’s No Opportunity for Growth 

Does it feel like you’ve reached as high as you can in the company? Are work policies preventing you from taking on more responsibility? If it feels like there isn’t a clear path of growth in the company, don’t waste your time trying to create one. Get out and apply your skills in a place where you will be constantly learning.

2. Everyone is Leaving

Have you attended a going-away party once a week for a few months now? Is everyone else updating their resume and creating great LinkedIn profiles? If other people who are unhappy are getting out, take it as a sign that there is something better out there much more suited to what you want to do. Ask the departed why they moved on and what they’ve found. You might have something in common.  Read the rest of this entry »

5 Job Search and Resume Mistakes

May 13th, 2014

While some may think that the job search is easier than ever thanks to technology, the truth is that it has become quite difficult and robotic. It is rarer for people to walk into buildings and introduce themselves along with their resume and application. Instead, applicants are performing their job search at a computer and simply hitting the “Send” button. How does that set you apart from the rest?

The biggest problem about bad job search and resume habits is that there is a high possibility that you aren’t even aware that you are making mistakes. The old saying, “What you don’t know, won’t hurt you,” is not appropriate in this case; on the contrary, what you don’t know might cost you the job.

Are you focused in your job search?

Are you focused in your job search?

5 Job Search Mistakes You Might Be Making 

1. Relying on your resume to land you the job. 

As stated earlier, simply handing in the same resume and only slightly tweaked cover letter has become the status quo. So many people are competing for jobs these days, and while they may not have the personable skills that you do, their resume might look better. More likely, someone else is taking the time to write a specific cover letter or personally call and/or visit the office to talk directly to the hiring manager.

2. Filling your resume with light facts instead of hard accomplishments, success and skills. 

Job searching is stressful and it can be exhausting; it’s not normal for someone to have to sell themselves on a daily basis. Have your resume do some of that work for you by stating professional accomplishments, actual success numbers and critical skills that you have learned. This will help you more than “Microsoft Office savvy” or “Excellent customer service.”  Read the rest of this entry »

Staffing Agency Interview Tips: 4 Things They’re Looking For

May 6th, 2014

If you’re preparing for an interview at a staffing agency, it’s important that you treat it as a real interview that could put you in the position of your dreams. Why, you may ask? The staffing agency that you interview with is going to become your advocate and put you exactly where you need to be to reach your goals; so it’s important that you dress the part.

Every staffing agency wants to help and, like any other prospective employer, they are going to ask many questions to find out about character, experience and work ethic. But there are a couple of different things that recruiters will look for as well. staffing agency interview

4 Interview Tips from a Staffing Agency 

1. Do you know what you want? 

Staffing agencies deal with so many different opportunities, ranging from full-time to holiday gigs. If you can define exactly what kind of work you are looking for, it makes the recruiter’s job a lot easier. Are you looking for something to pay the bills or venturing into a new field? Be clear about your goals and recruiters will do their best to put you on the right path.  Read the rest of this entry »

The LinkedIn Resume: 5 Ways to Impress on Social Media

April 29th, 2014

Linkedin_ChocolatesIs your LinkedIn profile ready for recruiters?

The days of handing in a paper resume directly to a manager are gone (though definitely bring in copies for your interview) and recruiters are taking to social media platforms to see if a potential hire has what it takes. One of the most popular go-to sites is LinkedIn, the business playground of social media and a soap box for you to sell yourself. It’s the age of the living and breathing resume that allows for constant updates, ultimate stealth mode of job searching, seeing who has checked out your profile and the chance to get other people to endorse you for your skills. Is your profile ready?


5 Ways to Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile for Job Searching

1. No typos or grammatical errors. 

Is something spelled wrong? Should there be a comma there? If your profile is full of silly mistakes then you are simply asking to be written off. Take the time to read through your profile and make edits as necessary. Have someone else proofread it as well.

2. An elevator pitch. 

Use the summary box as a place to state why you’re different, your value and what unique skills you bring to the table. Use keywords that recruiters will be looking for and tailor it specifically to the field you want to get into.

3. Have a great (and professional) photo. 

Your LinkedIn profile picture should not be of you hiking in the mountains, participating in a food-eating contest or cuddling your cat. Invest in a proper headshot against a complimentary, simple background. Dress professionally and smile.

4. Google yourself. 

Not only will your LinkedIn profile show up, but so will your other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. These are not off-limits to recruiters. Go through your social media profiles and make edits where needed: un-tagging or deleting photos, editing tweets or status updates and comments on ridiculous things.

5. Clearly present experience. 

Your LinkedIn profile is the story about your work history. Take the time to explain what you know and defend your skills and experience. Don’t be shy; take credit for your accomplishments.

Do you have other tips for creating a great LinkedIn profile? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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Job Interview: 5 Questions to Ask the Interviewer

April 22nd, 2014

Preparing for a job interview can be scary.

Every question that an interviewer could ask goes through your head as you try to come up with a clever answer that will surely make you stand out from the rest. While the correct preparation is extremely important and incredibly helpful, many interviewees fail to snag the job due to their lack of questioning of the interviewer. A job interview doesn’t have to be a one-sided Q&A from a coffee-addicted executive team. Instead, make the interview a conversation between an employer and potential employee, with the job candidate finding out what they need to succeed.

Are you asking the right questions?

Are you asking the right questions?

To prepare for your next job interview, be prepared to ask these five questions. Read the rest of this entry »