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Employee Retention: 4 Tips for Keeping Great Team Members

March 24th, 2015

Employee retention is a tough issue in today’s job market. Once you’ve found great team members you work well with, it’s important to cultivate the relationship and keep them happy and engaged in your company. Stellar employees can become stale and actively disengaged; developing strategies for retaining team members is important.

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What keeps your team members happy?

What is Employee Retention?

Employee retention is a company’s strategy for enhancing work satisfaction and employee engagement; it’s crucial for keeping employees and protecting the company’s financial goals. It’s estimated losing a mid-level manager can cost a business 100 percent of the worker’s salary. Here are 4 tips for keeping great team members. Read the rest of this entry »

Employee Incentive Programs

September 30th, 2014

More than half of America’s companies are using incentive programs to motivate their employees. An incentive program is used to reward overall employee performance. This, in turn, raises employee morale and efficiency. There are many types of incentive plans and the way a company chooses to celebrate its employees can highlight the company’s own culture and values.


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Employee incentive programs come in many forms. The most common are rewards that are compensation based, like a bonus at the end of the year or quarter. Gifts are another common type of reward but should be proportionate based on performance. Creative gifts that are in line with the company’s image can be perceived better by employees than traditional cash rewards so this can save your company money! Other incentives like perks can also help boost morale. Instituting experiences like Take Your Pet to Work Day or Casual Fridays can be a great way to lift spirits.

Increasing productivity makes investing in employee incentive programs worth the expense. Companies that institute reward systems for employee achievements enjoy 50 percent higher sales, and productivity that is 38 percent above average. The most common type of recognition for employees, which nearly 90 percent of companies recognize, is the anniversary of service. Employees can enjoy a small token of appreciation for each year they are employed, which makes them feel more loyal.

In instances where a business triumph can’t be credited to one particular person, like meeting sales goals or hitting a revenue marker, it can beneficial to reward the whole team. This makes employees feel like they belong and raises overall happiness in the workplace. Taking a half-day off or bringing in lunch is a great way to reward everyone.

When creating an employee incentive program, make sure that all of your team members are aware of all incentives they can attain. This ensures transparency and clearness about goals and expectations. The employee has a goal to shoot for and this can help drive their productivity. Good incentive programs can help both the company and the employee not only meet, but exceed their goals.


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