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Employees – How To Deal With Difficult Workers

February 26th, 2013
Certified as Small Business and Minority Woman Owned since 1988

Certified as Small Business and Minority Woman Owned since 1988

It can be very frustrating for a manager to have to deal with a difficult employee, and unfortunately, most every office has one. But what makes someone so hard to work with? From the pessimist to the competitive, there are different ways difficult employees present themselves. Here are some tips to assist you in helping a employee avoid another trip to the HR office.

Research. The first step in attempting to solve an issue is to know where the problem lies. Doing some research on the person’s behavior can help you understand where the difficulties comes from, giving you a better perspective on how to handle the situation. has put together a reference list of the 10 most common difficult employees.  Read the rest of this entry »

Making a First Impression – Tips For Employers

January 9th, 2013

Why should your business bother to make a good first impression with potential hires?

Potential employees are not the only ones who should be worrying about making good first impressions. A business relationship with an employee goes both ways and as you already know there is no second chance at making a great first impression. But why should your business bother with this? Here are some tips, as well as some reasons, on why making the best first impressions you can with a potential employee is important.

Ease Their Nerves. Making a possible employee feel welcome will put them at ease. That translates directly to a better interview overall. We all remember how nerve-racking it can be to be on the other end of the interview process. Making an employee feel at ease will Read the rest of this entry »

Office Gifts for Employees

November 29th, 2012

Office Gifts for Employees

In our previous post, we talked about handling holiday bonuses and your employees. So what if your company cannot afford to give out any holiday bonuses? You still want your employees to feel valued and appreciated. A great way to get that point across is to first speak with them ahead of time and explain the situation, and to get them a little something for their efforts throughout the year.

But what is appropriate to give to your employees as a holiday present? Here are some definite do’s as well as some ideas to get you started on the right track for office gifting this holiday season. Read the rest of this entry »