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[Group Brainstorming] 3 Tips to Creative Collaboration

June 2nd, 2015

A great way to encourage team collaboration and creative new ideas is group brainstorming. Letting ideas flow freely and bounce around between multiple members of your office can help you find unique new solutions to business problems. Group collaboration can be helpful, but can also be a time-waster; before you let you team run with ideas, read on for 3 tips to make the process productive and worthwhile.

31312781_l3 Tips for Group Brainstorming

  1. Put it in the Calendar

Let your team know there will be a group brainstorming session before you begin the meeting; they will be able to plan ahead and begin to think about the issue. Encourage them to bring creative ideas and initial reactions to the problem with them so everyone is prepared. If you’re looking for extra creativity, consider holding a walking or outdoor meeting. Read the rest of this entry »