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International Day of Happiness: 4 Tips to Improve Happiness at Work

March 14th, 2017

Did you know March 20, 2017 is known as the International Day of Happiness? Introduced to the world by the General Assembly of the United Nations, this holiday has been recognized since 2012; its purpose is to remind people that happiness has a wide variety of benefits, both to human life and to our greater community. This year, why not celebrate the International Day of Happiness by taking some steps toward improving employee morale in your workplace? Here are four ideas to do so.

Keep your team happy with this advice.

4 Ways to Improve Workplace Happiness

  1. Help Solve a Workplace Problem

Helping someone else can give you a feeling of joy and improve overall team morale. Identifying a workplace concern and creating a plan to solve that problem will show your team members you care and listen to their feedback. Not sure what areas could be improved? Hold a brainstorming session, leave a suggestion box or offer a workplace survey to get an idea of problems that can be solved. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Strategies for Boosting Workplace Fun (Plus One Extra!)

February 9th, 2016

How important is workplace fun in your company? Chatting around water coolers and sending email forwards may be classic ways to lighten up the workday, but they may not do enough to form a cohesive team environment with an established culture of fun. If you’re looking for outside-of-the-box ways to engage your team members and get them motivated, in addition to lowering the rate of sick days, consider inserting more fun into the workplace in the form of team building. Here are three strategies to try.


3 Strategies for Boosting Workplace Fun

  1. Set Goals

Creating a culture of workplace fun starts with setting goals for the quarter or even the full year. How many team building events do you want to hold? What do you want to accomplish during them? Goal setting should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. You should also have clear goals during each fun event you decide to host; plan a project or a problem for your team to solve so they feel a sense of accomplishment afterward. This can help you boost creativity and innovation at work. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Reasons Employees Quit Their Jobs

December 22nd, 2015

Are your employees jumping ship as fast as you can hire them? Have you been surprised when a top-preforming team member turns in his or her two weeks’ notice? There are many reasons employees quit their jobs and managers may not know why or how to prevent it. From tough relationships with co-workers to not being adequately compensated, here are the top four reasons employees quit, and what you can do about it.


4 Reasons Employees Quit Unexpectedly

  1. They Aren’t Being Recognized

Not feeling recognized and appreciated for hard work is one of the main reasons employees quit their jobs. Be sure to reward your team members regularly to boost their morale and make them feel involved and engaged at the company. Check out this list of great employee recognition ideas for inspiration. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Reasons to Hold a Company Picnic

August 18th, 2015

With tight budgets, many employers are foregoing traditional perks and incentive programs to save money. However, many events like a company picnic can be great investments into the happiness of your workers. Here are four reasons to recognize and reward your team by taking some time off in the warmer months to hold a company picnic.


4 Reasons to Hold a Company Picnic

  1. Encourage Team Building

A company picnic isn’t just a good way to release steam from the office, but also to encourage team building and strengthen relationships among workers. Set aside time during the event for relay races, sandcastle building competitions, strategy games or any other bonding activity. Read the rest of this entry »

[Employee Engagement] 5 Tips for Increasing Happiness on the Job

August 11th, 2015

Focusing on the happiness of your team at work is an essential part of increasing employee engagement. Unsure where to begin? Here are 5 tips to start.

jpshappy[Employee Engagement] 5 Tips for Increasing Happiness on the Job    

  1. Assign Meaningful Work

Working on projects that are interesting and make a difference is important for increasing morale and raising levels of employee engagement. Ask employees how they feel about their workload and try to find areas of improvement. Read the rest of this entry »

Employee Morale: 4 Ways to Find Happiness at Work

March 31st, 2015

It can be hard to maintain a healthy and happy work atmosphere for all. When employee morale is high, productivity and motivation also increase. More than 87 percent of Americans are satisfied with their job, but how do managers go the extra mile and maintain happiness in the workplace year-round? Here are 4 ways to keep workers happy and excited about their jobs.

11123538363_07bb05134a_z4 Ways to Maintain Happiness in the Workplace

  1. Make Excuses for Fun

Incorporating fun into the office is important for employee morale. Gamification has become a strong method for adding excitement and helping to build team and problem-solving skills. You can also add simple incentives like Casual Friday to let employees relax and feel more at ease. Read the rest of this entry »