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Employee Morale: 4 Ways to Find Happiness at Work

March 31st, 2015

It can be hard to maintain a healthy and happy work atmosphere for all. When employee morale is high, productivity and motivation also increase. More than 87 percent of Americans are satisfied with their job, but how do managers go the extra mile and maintain happiness in the workplace year-round? Here are 4 ways to keep workers happy and excited about their jobs.

11123538363_07bb05134a_z4 Ways to Maintain Happiness in the Workplace

  1. Make Excuses for Fun

Incorporating fun into the office is important for employee morale. Gamification has become a strong method for adding excitement and helping to build team and problem-solving skills. You can also add simple incentives like Casual Friday to let employees relax and feel more at ease. Read the rest of this entry »