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Summer Help Heading Out the Door? How to Use Temporary Support to Finish Any Open Summer Projects

August 11th, 2011

Summertime, and the living is easy. Unless you are in charge of keeping critical projects running on schedule but are losing employees to their summer vacations.

Most employees take their extended vacations during the months of June – September in order to enjoy the summer with family and friends. School schedules and great weather make this time of year perfect for taking holidays — which means managers must often scramble to coordinate vacations in an effort to avoid a backlog of incomplete work.

To help cover for your colleagues during their time off, why not bring in temporary staff? We’re not talking about inexperienced college interns or your boss’s favorite nephew. There are three great places to find skilled talent that can help you on a temporary basis.

First, consider former employees who left on good terms, whether through retirement or taking a job at another company. They might be able – even glad – to put in some freelance hours for you. Their knowledge of your clients, your company culture and your methodologies will allow them to make immediate contributions.

Second, take a look at the pool of job candidates that were previously rejected for the incumbent’s position. Often, those individuals were qualified but lost the position to someone even more skilled. Their qualifications might allow them to help you now, and they might be glad to get some extra work experience and pay.

A third good source is a staffing firm that specializes in employees with the skills you need. A good agency will have long-term relationships with employees and can ensure they have the necessary technical skills and knowledge. If you want more than a warm body to fill a seat and do busy work, use an agency that will give you skilled, experienced employees. If you’re hiring them for only a few weeks, they need to hit the ground running, so you’ll want temps you won’t need to train.

The key to successful use of independent contractors or temporary employees lies in planning what type of help you will need, how much, and when. Having the right people in place, wherever they came from, will help you keep your sanity while keeping your company afloat during the vacation-heavy summer months.