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Checking References: 5 Questions to Ask

February 3rd, 2015

Resumes, phone calls and even interviews may not tell the full story about the quality of a job applicant you have before you. Managers should make a practice of finding out how an employee preformed in the past in order to make a comprehensive hiring decision. Here are 5 questions to ask former employers when checking references.

Photo Credit: kev-shine

Photo Credit: kev-shine

5 Questions to Ask When Checking References

  1. What were the candidate’s main responsibilities at the company?

This question is important to ask in the beginning because it will inform the rest of the conversation. If the employee had responsibilities that were limited or not applicable to the job you are hiring for, this is a big red flag. Read the rest of this entry »

Making a Job Offer

February 1st, 2013
Celebrating 25 Years In Business!

Celebrating 25 Years In Business!

You have taken your company through all the interview process steps. From making a great first impression on a candidate to mastering the interview process, now that you have picked the right candidate for the job, how do you make the offer? Here are some tips to help your company make the right moves and fill the position.

Be prepared. Once you have decided on the right candidate for the job, move fast. Your company may not be the only one the candidate has interviewed for and they are most likely awaiting other responses. But before you call them, make sure to have all the information ready including salary, benefits, bonuses, etc.

Make the call.  There are a couple of things to remember here. First, Read the rest of this entry »