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Hiring Managers – 8 Secrets They All Know (Part 2)

September 10th, 2013
Do you know the secrets of your hiring managers?

Do you know the secrets of your hiring managers?

In part one of our two post series; we introduced the first 4 secrets that most hiring managers have been keeping to themselves. With the anxiety surrounding job interviews being so high, interactions with hiring managers can be intimidating to say the least; but what about  after the interview? Today, we delve deeper and will uncover the final 4 secrets that all hiring managers keep from employment applicants.

5. They underestimate time constraints: The time it takes to fill a position can vary, but in many cases, the hiring manager will expect a position to be filled long before the actual process will allow. Be sure to keep this in mind in the days or weeks following your initial interview.

6. Rejections letters are meant to be vague and lacking in detail: No one enjoys receiving a rejection letter, but remember that their lack of detail is intentional and that any real or honest explanation pertaining to why you were not offered a position will likely never happen. In fact, it is likely that the letter you receive is a drafted form letter sent out to the entire group of applicants.

7. They know the real meaning of “we will keep it on file:” Legally, companies must keep your application on file for a certain period of time, but it is increasingly rare for those files to be accessed for future opportunities. Keep this in mind when looking  openings later down the line.

8. They know that, “We will call you,” might mean that you’ll never hear from them: We all hope that when we hear a hiring manager say, “We will call you,” it actually means that they will call us, but it is important to understand that when those four words are spoken, we may or may not ever hear from that company again. 

The secrets uncovered throughout this blog  series are only a few that may be forever kept in silence by hiring managers; and while the idea of being kept in the dark is less than reassuring, the success or failure of an interview will always lie in the preparation. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for tips, tricks and insider methods for ensuring success in your next interview!

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Interviewing Essentials for Businesses

January 25th, 2013
Celebrating 25 Years In Business!

Celebrating 25 Years In Business!

The year is off to a great start and with the economy beginning to turn around, more and more companies are looking to hire additional staff. If you are currently seeking to find the perfect employee for your business, here are some tips to help you master the essentials of an interview.


Know what questions you can and cannot ask. We all know there are certain questions like, age and race, you can’t ask while interviewing a potential hire. But did you now that these questions extend to more than asking about martial status? Some questions, like inquiring if they have a reliable form of transportation or the ability to get a babysitter on a short notice, may not be illegal but can be considered Read the rest of this entry »