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Resume Writing: 3 Tips

June 7th, 2016

To present yourself in your best possible light during the job search, the first step is to have an eye-catching, memorable and impressive resume. Your first impression with the hiring manager, a resume serves as a brief introduction into your skills, qualifications, career trajectory and potential as a new hire. Read on for three tips for catching their attention and writing a killer resume.


3 Tips for Writing an Eye-Catching Resume

  1. Be Honest

It’s crucial to never lie on your resume to preserve your professional integrity. “Little white lies” about your reasons for leaving a previous job, fudging your salary details or inventing positions you never held are all surefire ways to get blacklisted during the job hunt and if you manage to get the job, fired once you are found out. Always be honest about your past and avoid embellishing the truth, even if you don’t think you’ll get caught. Read the rest of this entry »

Career Building Websites: 5 of the Best

May 3rd, 2016

If you’re on the hunt for career building resources, it’s important to know which websites offer the best information for helping you land your next dream job. Whether you’re seeking a job board, an industry leader’s blog or personal development tips, read on for five of the best career building websites.


5 Best Career Building Websites

  1. A Better Interview

The interview process can make or break your chances at landing a potential new position. Come to the meeting prepared by brushing up on your interview skills at A Better Interview. In addition to a blog filled with topics ranging from how to increase your LinkedIn visibility to flattering the hiring manager, A Better Interview can help you rate your skills and provide valuable feedback.  Read the rest of this entry »

How to Write a Cover Letter: 3 Tips

February 16th, 2016

There are many moving pieces to a successful job hunt, including filling out applications, sending resumes, fielding phone interviews, worrying about dress code, attending in-person interviews and sending thank you notes, but one of the most important parts is the cover letter. It’s your one (and if done incorrectly, only) opportunity to shine and make a great first impression on a hiring manager. How do you write a stellar cover letter that is sure to land you an interview? Read on for three tips.


3 Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

  1. Be Conversational

Many times job applicants who speak, write and work normally in their real life turn to lofty and un-conversational proper English when writing a cover letter. You are interested in a new job, not “Declaring with the upmost certainty and confidence your interest in a new position that may only come about by being selected for this vocation.” Hiring managers are people, not medieval wizards granting you a wish; write the way you would speak on the job in your cover letter. Read the rest of this entry »

[Job Search] 3 Best Ways to Grab an Employer’s Attention

February 2nd, 2016

There’s much competition for employment and only a few chances to make an impression on a hiring manager during the job search. Crafting an excellent professional resume and cover letter is just one way you can catch an employer’s attention when job seeking, but there are many other things you can do to get your name to the top of the list. Here are three ideas to show a potential employer you are perfect for the job.


3 Best Ways to Grab an Employer’s Attention

  1. Exude Confidence

Employers aren’t likely to notice job applicants who are unsure of themselves and their qualifications; they are seeking candidates who put themselves out there and portray a confident image as a future employee. Showing this starts with your resume and cover letter; use strong language like, “I look forward to speaking with you soon,” rather than “I hope to hear from you.” Read the rest of this entry »

3 Tips for Making a Career Change in 2016

January 5th, 2016

If you feel like you’re on a stale job path, it may be time to consider a career change. Instead of getting bogged down with thoughts of only being able to work in a single industry for life, make the switch in 2016 and try something new. Here are three tips for making a career change in the New Year.


3 Tips for Making a Career Change in 2016

  1. Map Your Potential

Look at all of the jobs you have held in the past and identify which industries and career paths align well with your experience. If you’re skilled in project management, you can work in a variety of fields; think about how you can apply your skills to the IT industry or even healthcare. Read the rest of this entry »

Job Seekers: 3 Networking Tips (Plus One Extra!)

October 20th, 2015

Whether you’re starting your career or are well-established in your field, everyone can benefit from a networking refresher. Connections can help you achieve great things and these relationships not only appear anywhere, but need to be fostered and maintained. Here are three networking tips for job seekers and a bonus tip to help you stand out.


3 Networking Tips for Job Seekers

  1. Research Your Connections

Research should come into play at multiple points in your networking efforts. Before attending a trade show or job fair you should look up contacts you may meet at the event in order to determine how best to approach them. Check out what companies they have worked for and what job duties they preform; this can help you figure out what questions to ask. You should also research your connections after you meet them; LinkedIn is a great resource for keeping in contact. Read the rest of this entry »

[Job Search Tips] Ways to Avoid a Bad Hire

July 21st, 2015

This post shares job search tips for employers to avoid making a bad hire. Seeking a candidate and conducting a job interview take time and resources, so finding the right person for the position is important. After the interview and before you consider making a job offer, seriously ask yourself if the candidate is a good fit. Here are 3 ways you can avoid making a bad hire.

29122008_l[Job Search Tips] 3 Ways to Avoid a Bad Hire

  1. Don’t Rush the Hiring Process

Choosing a candidate because you’re desperate to fill a position is never a good idea. Rushing the process before fully determining if the worker will be a good fit is one of the most common job search mistakes. Avoiding a bad hire is best done by taking your time and weighing all personnel options. Read the rest of this entry »

[Career Seekers] 3 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

June 30th, 2015

You’ve met with the hiring manager, nailed the job interview and wowed them with your experience. At the end of the meeting, it’s likely the HR rep will ask if you have any questions for them, and it will benefit you to be prepared. Here are 3 questions to ask in a job interview.

20201259_l3 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

  1. What are the current and ongoing major initiatives this department is working on?

You’ll want to ask this question to gauge your potential contribution to the company should you be hired. If the department has few current projects, it may signify a lack of growth or upward mobility at the company. It can be beneficial to you to determine how useful you’ll be at the business. Read the rest of this entry »

[3 Job Search Tips] How to Follow Up After an Interview

June 10th, 2015

This post shares job search tips for following up after an interview. Getting in front of a hiring manager is tricky enough for some competitive positions, but do you know what to do after the meeting? Here are 3 tips for keeping your name at the top of the list after an interview to help improve your chances of getting the job.

jps followup[3 Job Search Tips] How to Follow Up After an Interview

  1. Remind Them of Your Interest

One of the best job search tips is knowing what to do after an interview. Follow ups are important after a face-to-face meeting to show you are an engaged and committed individual; a thoughtful note can make all the difference in a candidate’s hiring potential. Interviewers are very busy so a well-timed follow up can help remind them of your interest and keep you on their radar. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Best Times to Job Search

April 21st, 2015

In your job search, timing can be crucial. Sending an application and having your interview at the right time of year can determine whether you’ll get noticed. There are certain times in each industry where hiring picks up and chances of landing a new career are good; here are the 3 best times of year to job search.


3 Best Times to Job Search

  1. The New Year

Everyone wants a fresh start in the New Year and hiring managers are no exception. As the company settles into the new 1st quarter budget, they will be seeking new employees. The New Year is a great time to start searching for new positions, but it will be competitive so make sure you nail the interview. Read the rest of this entry »