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Hiring a Staffing Agency – Benefits for Companies

March 5th, 2013
Certified as Small Business and Minority Woman Owned since 1988

Certified as Small Business and Minority Woman Owned since 1988

Finding the right employee can be difficult task, especially when companies don’t have the available time or resources. There are three core reasons why using a staffing agency is a far better choice for your organization.

  1. It Saves Time – By using a staffing agency, companies don’t have to spend hours upon hours sorting through hundreds of resumes and scheduling endless interviews with candidates.Put your mind at ease with JPS; we conduct extensive background checks and have customized screening, recruiting, orientation and performance evaluation processes to find the right employee and make the most of your time.
  2. It’s Cost-Effective – Hiring the wrong employee can cost companies time, money and resources they may not have available. Rely on the expertise of a staffing agency to find the right fit the first time around. Plus,  Read the rest of this entry »