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New Year Resolutions – Tips for Job Hunting in 2014

December 17th, 2013
How will you celebrate the New Year?

How will you celebrate the New Year?

The New Year is upon us and it is seen by many as a fresh start, a clean slate and an opportunity for change. In this two part blog post series, we introduce a handful of ways that any job hunter with New Year resolutions can prepare to turn those resolutions into realities. Today we delve in the first three tips.

They are:

1.   Write down your goals: Goal setting is an essential aspect of any job hunting effort. Just as if you are making your list of New Year resolutions for your personal life, be specific and detailed about these professional priorities.  Read the rest of this entry »

Staffing Agency Interviews – 4 Ways to Prepare

November 26th, 2013
How will you be preparing for your interview?

How will you be preparing for your interview?

Staffing agencies like JPS have the potential to aid highly qualified professionals with placements into industry respected positions at various points of their careers. Whether it is your first job, a temporary placement or your dream position, staffing agencies can make it happen. When applying to a staffing agency, the territory may seem unfamiliar, but this is not something to fret about. Today, we introduce four tips that help you prepare for your first or next staffing agency interview.  Read the rest of this entry »